Writing wall graffiti art form

He lived in downtown Los Angeles for 13 years before moving to Las Vegas, where he covers regional art, including murals and street art, at painthisdesert. He tweets at viewfromaloft. Los Angeles Street Art. James Daichendt As a professor of art history and an art critic working within the institutional framework of high art, I know all too well that we honor and hold certain products of human creation in high regard.

Writing wall graffiti art form

Universal total personality, Life conscious identity Astral healing life consciousness, Astral dreaming creation Astral identity personality plane, Astral full colors energy plane Astral plane of universal existence energy, Total mind consciousness Pure consciousness, Pure light existence, Gaia consciousness dimensions Life consciousness dimensions, Life healing, Dream state dimensional existence Interrelationship dimensions - all philosophies, religious beliefs, physical reality, ideas The idea of '23 dimensions of being' is not an original from me.

In fact, I heard it from our wonderful yoga teacher's friend, Ivy's friend Martin Joel, whom we met at 'Visions and Dreams', where she also manages the esoteric spirituality bookstore.

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Martin is a youngish man, from West Virginia, has the ability to heal with his hands, and over some of C's homemade corn bread, and loquat fruits from our tree, we had a discussion about esoteric things, like those dimensions. I did not query then what they were, which I regret now, but I did have in a kind of flash the 15 tiers above, with the 23 dimensions within them, just a quick schematic.

But perhaps I can now flesh that out some, and make sense of what these may be. Constructing such a totem of belief can be spiritually grounding. Though, this is my vision only, and others may have them different, from different personal perspectives, this one feels right for me.

First, I should explain that these 23 dimensions are not positioned within our reality as the rest of existence, but actually exist perpendicular to this reality, so mostly invisible to us, but we can respond to that reality psychically.

In effect, this psychic reality is vertically integrated, whereas our physical is laterally integrated. The two meet at a central point, which is in our individual personal identity psyche. We are, each one of us, at the center cross of these two prime realities, of which the physical, with all its energy and atoms, as but a lateral interrelationship, but it connects to the spiritual vertical through us, our minds and being.

Here is how this happens, per my mind: Interrelationship dimensions - all philosophies, religious beliefs, physical reality, ideas This is the dimension recognized by our conscious minds, what we term 'reality'. It is all infinitely interrelated, so nothing within reality ever exists totally alone, but is influenced by as it influences all other aspects of reality in the universe.

In effect, the Interrelationship dimensions are the known universe to infinity, however that is defined. It may curl back on itself, self cancel, and gain a new identity within its own bubble of existence, but that identity then too is interrelated to the whole.

This is reality as we know it. How we understand it is then part of the rich mythology and science of what we come to believe, what we think is true.

It may not be, but if it works, then the reality dimensions will allow us to operate by what we believe. This will be true also of religion or philosophy, and to some extent sciences, because though we may think we understand something, in fact we may be totally wrong.

But life's reality is charitably forgiving, to a point. So though wrong we proceed as if right, and it works. This is the reality level we scientifically explore as the 'universe', such as we understand it.

Life consciousness dimensions Life is what powers our being in this existence. We are alive, and for all natural living things, they too are alive with that special energy that endows them life.Is graffiti art or crime?

Essay Sample. In the late ’s, graffiti became more than just a political statement or gang mark, it became a hobby and an art to some. Graffiti (plural of graffito: "a graffito", but "these graffiti") are writing or drawings that have been scribbled, scratched, or painted, typically illicitly, on a wall or other surface, often within public view.

Graffiti range from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings, and they have existed since ancient times, with examples dating back to .

Yes, graffiti - Aboriginal remote community graffiti - a maze-like assemblage of letters and interlocking words and symbols, a kaleidoscope of collective creativity: a frontier form of art-making. Graffiti can be an eyesore, but more and more, with some graffiti artists gaining extreme popularity, graffiti has also become a recognized art form.

Street art by the artist known as Banksy has been carefully removed from buildings and sold at auction for hundreds of thousands of dollars. By the late 90s, these "quality of life" campaigns enabled massive gentrification.

Writing wall graffiti art form

Where there once was a graffiti mural and a stable if struggling community of color, there was now a Starbucks and a quickly assembled, pricey loft building.

readers: the writing on the bathroom wall. The author chal- New York as a subcultural expression of protest and as an art form which is alluded to below), but the differing ideas and opinions The Writing on the Stall: Graffiti, Vandalism, and Social Expression | Brett Wolff.


The Writing on the Wall: Graffiti’s Innocuous Presence | Pests of NY-Interactive I edition