Track and field high jump essay

The 5-foot-5 junior won three individual titles at the Class 7A meet this past season, leading the Lions to the state team title. Simon broke the tape in the meter dash with a wind-aided time of The teen won her third state title in the long jump with a leap of 18 feet,

Track and field high jump essay

Track events are those in which the athletes compete by running. Field events are those in which the athletes jump, vault or throw an object. Some events, such as the decathlon and heptathlon, are composed of multiple other events. Common track and field events include dashes, relays, hurdles, the long jump and the high jumpamong others.

Track Events In most cases, track events are measured in meters, although some minor levels of track and field, such as competitions for children, might measure events in yards.

The shorter track events are called dashes or sprints. Some of the common distances for dashes are 50, 55, 60,and meters.

Track and field high jump essay

On standard-size tracks, one lap is meters. Races that are1, 1, or 3, meters long are often referred to as middle distance events. The most common distance events, or long-distance events, include the 5, and 10,meter runs. Some competitions might include races that are even longer. The marathonwhich is Ad Relays are events in which four teammates run, one at a time, passing a small baton from one runner to the next.

The three most common distances for relays are totals ofor 1, meters. These races are often identified by the number of runners and the distance they each run, rather than the total distance of the race.

So, for example, the meter relay might be called the 4x relay — typically pronounced as "four by relay. Common distances include the, and meter hurdles for boys or men and the, and meter hurdles for girls or women.

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These races are sometimes identified by their distance and either "high hurdles," "intermediate hurdles" or "low hurdles. For example, the hurdles might be 42 inches Field Events The field events include four in which the athletes throw objects: The size of the objects — or implements — that are thrown can vary according to the age level and gender of the competitors.

In the discus, the athlete throws a heavy disc using a spinning motion, and in the shot put, the athlete tosses a heavy sphere, usually by pushing it from his or her shoulder. The hammer is actually a heavy ball at the end of a wire with a handle at one end, and it also is thrown using a spinning motion.

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A javelin is a spear-like implement — youths often use javelins that have been modified to be safer — that is thrown over-handed. There also are four field events in which the athletes jump or vault as high or as far as possible: In the high jump and pole vault, the athlete takes a running start and leaps over a bar that is raised after each successful attempt, and he or she lands on a large pad.

A pole vaulter uses a long, flexible pole to propel himself or herself over the bar. For the long jump and triple jump, the athlete takes a running start and leaps as far as possible into a landing pit of soft dirt, sand or sawdust.

In the triple jump, as its name implies, the athlete takes three consecutive jumps — sometimes referred to as a hop, a skip and a jump — and the distance is measured from the first jumping line to where the athlete landed after his or her final jump.

Combined Events There also are combined events, such as the decathlon and heptathlon, which combine multiple events into one by using a points system to give the competitors overall scores. The decathlon usually is spread over two days and includes 10 events — four track events and six field events.

The four track events are the dash, dash, 1, run and hurdles. Field events in the decathlon are the long jump, high jump, shot put, discus, pole vault and javelin. The decathlon usually is for boys or men. Girls and women typically compete in the heptathlon, which includes these seven events: Some track and field competitions, especially those for youths, might use non-standard combinations of events for the decathlon or heptathlon.

Other competitions might include combined events that are made up of different numbers of events, such as a pentathlonwhich has five events. Unusual Events Along with the marathon, which is not a part of most track and field competitions, there are other events that are rarely included.But those are freak accidents; nothing more serious than a minor ankle sprain would happen to me or to my team.

Track and field high jump essay

My high school track coach told me that strengthening the leg muscles would keep stability in my knees. It was a hot, September afternoon on the field behind the Casa Grande gymnasium and my frisbee team was in the lead.


The University of Wisconsin-River Falls is an excellent place to unleash your competitive spirit. UW-River Falls offers 17 sports that compete in the NCAA Division III and the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (WIAC), regarded as the strongest DIII conference in the country.

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In high school athletics, is a person on the track team also required to participate in field events, or can they do track only? Ask New Question Matthieu Caldwell, Competitive middle distance runner. The award, which recognizes not only outstanding athletic excellence, but also high standards of academic achievement and exemplary character demonstrated on and off the track, distinguishes Simon as Georgia’s best high school girls track & field athlete.

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