The benefits of vocational training on a nation

The fund provides financial assistance to the surviving spouses and children of employees who have died in the line of duty and are [ Scholarships are offered each year for full-time study to an accredited institution of the student's choice.

The benefits of vocational training on a nation

Our Staff Reporter January 26, Islamabad - The best way to prevent frustrated and jobless youth falling prey into hands of terrorists is to impart them with vocational and technical training for helping them get blue-collar jobs in various sectors of industry, said NAVTTC Executive Director Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema at press briefing here on Monday.

Cheema, who had the reputation of a doer, said vocational training was the only effective tool for poverty reduction and to produce a skilled manpower. He said Job Placement Centres were being set up to make data of the skilled manpower available to the industry.

The NAVTTC was already in touch with the industry and was receiving their demands which would help making the curriculum and a strategy to train the youth for the blue-collar jobs.

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A Sector Skills Council had also been established which would pinpoint the sectors in which skilled labour was required, he added. The NAVTTC, he said, would also train the youth in various trades and fields keeping in view requirements of the international market where they could get jobs and remit the money home.

Cheema said non-matric to high level of students were getting benefit from the professional training scheme.

The benefits of vocational training on a nation

Kartarpur corridor opening to be historical: Skill development was the only way to overcome poverty alleviation and by prioritising technical and vocational skills we can make our youth useful and productive citizens of the country, he added. National Training Bureau was being upgraded to meet the international standards of training so that the youth could be trained in modern trades, he added.

Govt to fulfill all promises made during election: Cheema said the cooperative vocational training scheme had been launched to provide skills to trainees with on-job-experience.‘Technical and vocational education and training’ (TVET) is understood as comprising education, training and skills development relating to a wide range of .

Our mission is to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access. The type of vocational training available in a prison will depend on inmates’ interests, availability of teaching staff, and funding. Inmates may be connected with prospective employers through vocational training or apprenticeship programs.

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The benefits of vocational training on a nation

Vocational education in the United States is the product of an extended evolutionary process. Economic, educational, and societal issues have repeatedly exerted influence on the definition of vocational education, as well as on how, when, where, and to whom it will be provided.

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