Rethinking silence in elementary classrooms essay

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Rethinking silence in elementary classrooms essay

The website also includes many valuable links, including this web resource guide with hotlinks. Includes some of the best alternative points of view on social issues, including special coverage of the "war against terrorism.

Rethinking Schools Online

American Civil Liberties Union www. Resources on the threat to civil liberties in the U. Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting www. Excellent articles critiquing media coverage of the crisis.

Foreign Policy in Focus www. Valuable background readings on foreign policy issues - special analyses on the current crisis. The Independent UK www.

Teaching About the Wars: Introduction. Breaking the Silence on War: Today in classrooms, as in the streets, there is too much silence. by Jody Sokolower. This collection of articles is a call to action. Responding to the growing consensus among researchers and educators that prevention of learning problems makes more sense than remediation, this book presents essays that suggest ways to improve literacy instruction for all children, particularly those who are at risk. WEBSITES. FOR EDUCATORS. Rethinking Schools Online The articles in this special "War, Terrorism, and America's Classrooms" insert are available at the Rethinking Schools website, many in pdf website also includes many valuable links, including this web resource guide with hotlinks.

Offers some of the best reporting on war and terrorism. Articles by Robert Fisk are among the finest in the world. See also reporting by The Guardian in Great Britain, www.

Independent Media Center www. The CNN of movements for social justice, IndyMedia has resources for linking the current crisis to issues of global inequality. Media Workers Against the War www. A British site offers alternative perspectives on the current war.

The Nation magazine www. Well-written, provocative articles on the crisis. This group has a very active listserv of New York area educators who are organizing and teaching against the war.

Click on "read this list" to see archived posts. Z Magazine and Z-net www. A treasure trove of articles and resources from a progressive perspective. Arabic daily papers in English and French. Arab Film Distribution www. Promotes and distributes films from the Arab world.

One of the most extensive collection of links to journals, newspapers, and organizations. Human Rights Watch report www. Middle East Research and Information Project www.

Offers hard-to-find perspectives of Afghan women. Extensive annotated listings of films and videos. Detailed country-by-country information on the Middle East and Central Asia.

Listing of university-based Middle East Studies Centers around the world. Especially helpful are links to newspapers in the Middle East. The Arab World in the Classroom: Who are the Arabs? Also available in print form from www.

An essential resource for materials countering bias and stereotypes against Arabs.

Rethinking silence in elementary classrooms essay

Website includes many educational resources. The Boondocks comic strip has been critical and profound during a period when much of American popular culture seems cowed by conformist pro-war pressures.

Excellent to use with students. Mark Fiore Gallery www.Weak silence, known as negative silence also, can be used by teachers for the intended purpose of maintaining control over students.

Teachers use this kind of silence to keep purchase in their classrooms, and also to show authority. Poor silence can be used as an instrument to advantage teachers.

Free Trayvon Martin and My Students Writing toward justice.

Rethinking silence in elementary classrooms essay

an elementary teacher incorporates age-appropriate discussion into her regular classroom routine. And the silence during my junior year as not one teacher . Classroom design can help to develop skills for life and work beyond the classroom.

Self-directed learning and collaborative problem solving are essential skills for success. How students learn to learn builds essential skills for life beyond the classroom. Individual changes leave structures unchanged: without qualitative changes in the conditions that shape education at all levels today, including a rethinking of "university-level" teaching and learning itself, and of the differences between high school and university education, the "silent classroom" is here to stay.

There is definitely a lot of value positioned on course discussions and open conversation between peers in elementary classrooms. The advantages of effective communication in the classroom have been verified and researched many times over. Rethinking Schools - The Magazine This quarterly educational magazine is a must-read for everyone involved in education.

Crammed with innovative teaching ideas, valuable resources, and analyses of important issues and organizing, Rethinking Schools is a priceless source for educators who want to enlist students in thinking deeply and critically about the world today.

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