Research paper gentrification harlem

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Research paper gentrification harlem

Systematic review of neighbourhood impacts of 3 gentrification Quality and relevance 5 2. The Neighbourhood Impacts of Gentrification 6 A. The Costs of Gentrification 7 B. The Positive Neighbourhood Impacts of 14 Gentrification 3. The first part of the paper reports on the results of this review and concludes that the majority of evidence on gentrification has identified negative impacts.

In the second part of the paper these results are interpreted in the wider context of the British urban renaissance agenda which stresses the need for social mix in cities through the encouragement of the middle classes back to the city.

Since then there has been protracted debate on its causes, consequences and whether it constitutes a dominant or residual urban form. The term was applied to the then newly observed habit of upper middle class households purchasing properties in the traditionally deprived East End of London.

It was this apparent contrast with previous waves of middle class migration and residential choice that marked it out as a new phenomenon but also one with potentially profound impacts for the deprived and lower paid households in such areas.

This paper asks first what evidence do we really have on what the neighbourhood impacts of gentrification have been, how good is this evidence and what gaps in our knowledge remain?

Research paper gentrification harlem

The definition of gentrification used for this review was: The precise scope and method of this systematic review are provided below. The structure of the paper is as follows: Part one details the systematic review and its methodology giving the precise delimitation and sources used to derive key literature on gentrification impacts.

This section also provides some commentary on the wider use and appropriation of systematic reviews as a method for social and urban analysis. Part two summarises the findings of the books, papers, reports and other material collated.

This material is summarised according to a costs and benefits analysis, broadly conceived, while further space is devoted to a consideration of the adequacy of such an 2 approach given that the identified effects are partly dependent on our political position relative to the process.

Part three links the results of the review into its contemporary British urban policy context. Specifically, the work of the Lord Rogers Urban Taskforce, its related written products and fiscal and policy results the Urban White Paper and the budget.

This policy agenda has a marked resemblance to the concerns of HUD in the USA in its concerns to deal with white and middle class flight, urban sprawl and decay.

The paper concludes that systematic review in the social sciences cannot be used to generate direct policy answers to social problems but that systematic review provides an important tool in assessing where we are at and, perhaps, where we should be going.

However, it would seem self-evident that policy based on more and better evidence is no bad thing and that social scientists have pushed for such responsiveness for decades.JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources. On October 24, , seventeen Chinese men including a year-old were killed by a mob in Los Angeles’ historic Chinatown.

Known as the Chinese Massacre of , it was the culmination of growing anti-Chinese sentiment leading to racially motivated violence.

Ghetto: The Invention of a Place, the History of an Idea [Mitchell Duneier] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A New York Times Notable Book of W inner of the Zócalo Public Square Book Prize On March For the purposes of this research paper, gentrification is defined as the physical and economic upgrading of low-income areas associated with the inflow of higher income people often resulting in the involuntary displacement of lower income residents.

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The definition of gentrification used for this review was: 'the rehabilitation of working- class and derelict housing and the consequent transformation of an area into a middle-class neighbourhood.' (Smith and Williams, ) The method of the paper pursues techniques of systematic literature review first pioneered in medical research (Black.

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