Reflective essay on supervisor

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Reflective essay on supervisor

I will look at processes through which my developments in knowledge, skills and attitudes will be looked at in terms of the intervention over several sessions. Some of the sessions were with my supervisor with who I was able to reflect on the practice.

On taking on this process of intervention, E completed a self assessment which is a collection of OCD specific and general anxiety. E, having marked highly on this, provided me with an initial picture of symptoms and the severity of any concurrent problems, eg.

During this behaviour therapy was explained in an attempt to evaluate other anxiety problems that are present. In consultation, E wanted to look at his OCD behaviour that has affected his life. Using the ABC framework, I formularised questions so as to take out reasons and feelings of looking when these triggers were occurring and to look at coping and confronting strategies so as to minimise their effect.

It should be emphasised that during these sessions E understood his OCD triggers and felt that they could not be eradicated, they could be attenuated by psychosocial interventions.

We discussed the fact that though behaviour therapy, medication and cognitive therapy are the three empirically supported interventions for OCD, that we will only be looking at the cognitive-behaviour therapy. The use of ABC framework helped to underpin his behaviours to his past history and possible origins of his OCD traits.

As a therapist in the mental health field, I agree with Gustafsson and Fagerberg who state that reflection as a tool is of the utmost importance and the advantages gained, can give deeper insight into the professional development of professional in the field.

I feel that I needed to understand more fully the impact of reflective management of the case and of my own development in terms of how it was going, and how successful I was.

I felt that Jacobson model of recovery was an appropriate model to use in conjunction with the Johns model of reflection. Further healing is encouraged by active participation in self help activities.

Reflective essay on supervisor

I encouraged E via self help activities thereby encouraging him to take control and hence start to encourage change in behaviour. This process of socratic questioning is efficient in that it allows precipitation of feelings, thoughts and behaviours to come together for both E and I and hence lead us both individually in projecting ways forward Calvert and Palmer The sessions were structured Wells and it allowed a more clear critical formulation of problem with anxiety with E, and hence aid and facilitate recovery.

In my supervision sessions with my line manager, I asked what was my short term goal and what were my long term goals Johns In my position, I was able to reflect on the skills and the efficiency of these, in practice with E and how I could better them.

Stuart believes that to verbalise communication with the clients it helps to build a good therapeutic relationship and hence I was trying to communicate to E, the parameters with which we were both working and the limitations with which success could be measured.

This helped E to see for himself his own progress over the weeks. Confidentiality and issues around this, like legal and ethical issues need to be conveyed and agreed so that the client feels comfortable Nelson Jones I feel E was anxious about the information that he was sharing with me, which in turn, slowed down progress in the sessions.

He was reticent and hence not able to speak from the heart and be open Keats I engaged with E in a sensitive way by getting his permission and agreeing what information I was able to share with my line manager supervisor.

My line manager in turn, was happy for me to continue with the initial formulation as it was a necessary step in socialising the client to do CBT in the long term.

My line manager asked me why had I done this with E and what was my thinking behind this. It was clear that I needed to understand my motives and strategy as an aid to reflection John to which my reply was that though I was able to engage with E initially I had not set the boundaries in terms of confidentially in a manner that E was comfortable with and which needed exploring.

When done, this enabled both of us and hence the formulation and intervention to work better. One issue that I raised with my supervisor was that E had negative feelings about Muslims and I am one.Supervision Models Process And Practices Social Work Essay Introduction.

Supervision process is constructed in a way both a recipient and provider can benefit from the process, it is an opportunity to reflect and develop supervisory practice. In this reflective essay, I will try to word my understanding of a successful supervisor and how this course (Introduction to Applied Supervision) has made me aware of the necessary skills to be one in the future.

Reflective Supervision & Trauma Informed Care Every one of these children have experienced trauma, and each, in their own way, is trying to cope with the ongoing reminders they face daily. Supporting them in this healing process are dedicated relatives and foster parents who, in turn, are supported by child welfare caseworkers.

Reflective Essay #1 How my subordinates describe me as a leader has been a major source of contention between my supervisor and me over the past few years.

While I do my best to put all Airmen first and put their needs ahead of my own (more often than not to my own detriment), I know based on feedback from my supervisor that they follow 90%(10).

A reflective CBT Assignment Essay.

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In this assignment, I will provide a reflective account of my intervention with a client who for the purpose of this assignment and anonymity will be known as E - A reflective CBT Assignment Essay introduction. I will look at processes through which my developments in knowledge, skills and attitudes will be looked at in terms of the intervention over several.

Reflective Essay: This essay is a reflective essay on my learning development from a young age through to my current position as a University Student. I will be relating my learning development back to two theories of human development, Vygotstsky’s socio-cultural theory and Marcia’s version of Erikson’s theory of identity development.

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