Metropolitan museum of art swot analysis

Toponymy[ edit ] The name Radcliffe is derived from the Old English words read and clif, [5] meaning "the red cliff or bank", [6] on the River Irwell in the Irwell Valley. The Domesday Book records the name as "Radeclive". Archaeological excavations in at Radcliffe E'es a level plain along the north bank of the Irwell, formed by retreating glacial deposits during the previous ice age [9] found evidence of pre-historic activity, suggesting a lake village site, but dating techniques of the time were unreliable. Further investigations in revealed rows of sharpened posts and worked timbers, but no further dating evidence was collected.

Metropolitan museum of art swot analysis

The region is particularly well known for agriculture and agribusiness, education and research, food processing, aviation training, manufacturing, tourism, transport and logistics, energy and mining, and alternative energy.

The main commercial centre for the region is Tamworth. Main industries include agriculture, mining, wind and forestry. Emerging technology clusters particularly in the agricultural field are situated out of the government departments and University of New England UNE.

There is an alternate energy hub emerging in Glen Innes in two wind farms and a developing solar farm. There are 17 Aboriginal Land Councils in the region.

Arts and Cultural Overview The New England North West Region is a diverse arts region with excellent grass-roots networks, regular events, established artists and a strong cultural identity that is often place-related. The region has a high Aboriginal population and related cultural identity across all art forms including oral history.

There are numerous groups and organisations working in the arts and community cultural development, with new groups emerging and changing all the time.

The health sector has strong private and government networks as does Aboriginal Affairs NSW and the lands councils. Although diverse there is cohesion and support from across the 11 local government areas. With three regional art galleries Tamworth, Moree Plains, Armidale and three conservatoriums Tamworth, Gunnedah, Armidalethere is strong focus on visual art and music across the region.

There are 11 community arts councils across the region. Town halls, showground pavilions and other community centres and halls serve as exhibition and event centres for a range of social and cultural activities.

Many areas face the issue of empty shopfronts and cuts to TAFE funding have seen the closure of visual arts courses across the region. This has led to a number of community-led initiatives being established offering art and craft workshops and classes and informal training opportunities but on a somewhat ad hoc basis.

Many of these are in formerly disused buildings and empty shops right across the region. Access to arts infrastructure, professional development, and industry support is fragmented.

Metropolitan museum of art swot analysis

Only a few high profile venues currently have the infrastructure needed for successful arts practice and access to these venues is limited. Distance Travel times and costs are high yet connectivity is a critical component of successful regional arts projects or programs.

Even individual artists require peer or community support which is not readily available in much of the region. Armidale is identified as a National Broadband Network NBN hub but issues regarding access to internet and phone coverage still affect much of the region.

Metropolitan museum of art swot analysis

A major impact on programming and attendance is the long distances many need to travel. Climate and the impacts of mining and drought also affect the cultural sector. Although mining, flood and drought tend to increase community need for cultural engagement, regional resources are necessarily diverted into these areas rather than cultural engagement.

The intense and long cold periods in the New England area also limits cultural engagement as does harvest and drought on the Western Plains. Population and Youth Engagement Decline or stagnation of population is also a major issue for creative professionals seeking a sustainable way of life.

However a sustainable lifestyle is supported by property prices in some communities being lower than in metropolitan and coastal areas and by the strong sense of community and regional co-operation.

There are high numbers of young people, many of whom are forced to leave the region in order to secure education, professional development or employment. Long term youth engagement is a priority for this region. The lower cost of living in the region however, is a significant benefit for creatives who can operate their business with less overheads and export their goods across Australia and internationally from their regional base.

The smaller population does impact on their ability to have an audience and a market for their products so promoting more broadly is a necessity.

Creative Industries There is an expansion in creative industries, digital projects and online opportunities as artists and organisations try to overcome the issues of distance and income sustainability. The fact that Armidale is an NBN hub led to a surge in ad hoc arts projects in this field.

Long term projects in this field include film, arts and disability, literature, music and theatre; however most in the region believe that without some element of physical engagement, these projects have limited application. Touring and Performing Arts Touring is a strong focus, although there is always a preference for known work and work that includes strong levels of community engagement.

The Tamworth Country Music Festival is a large event that boosts development of a vast array of musical genres including Aboriginal music through the Cultural Showcase that is held in conjunction with the Country Music Festival.

Large scale Ticketek events are generally held in the Tamworth Event Centre. There are also a number of film festivals in the region — including Armidale, Tamworth, Tenterfield and Bingara. TAFE, with units across the New England North West, was also the major hub providing access to arts equipment, workshop and learning facilities.Databases.


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A competitive analysis shows these companies are in the same general field as Metropolitan Museum of Art, even though they may not compete head-to-head. These are the largest companies by revenue. However, they may not have the largest market share in this industry if . Radcliffe is a town in the Metropolitan Borough of Bury, Greater Manchester, England.

It lies in the Irwell Valley miles (4 km) south-west of Bury and miles ( km) north-northwest of Manchester and is contiguous with Whitefield to the south.

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