Math writing activities for second grade

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Math writing activities for second grade

These are some of the activities we did in our first week of 2nd grade! I mean every afternoon I get home I basically look like this…. Even though I am on like day 12 with my kids… not the first… But man these kiddlettes keep me on my toes!

If that makes sense… First Week of 2nd Grade: The surprise at the end always gets loads of giggles! Grab more activities and ideas for this book here!

After reading and making a prediction as to who is nervous and worried about their first day of school the students wrote about how they felt coming to school that day. We made this our first entry in our Reading Response Journals I love walking around and seeing how students feel!

It is also a perfect insight as to where students are in their writing development. Then, I gave each student a sticky note.

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Once students finished their entries and shared it with a buddy, I passed out a cover for our notebooks and gave them a few minutes to color it. You can grab our RRJ cover here! It was time to review story structure! Not my favorite BTS story, but it gets the job done.

On Weds, I read the story to the students while they followed along in the book. We worked to review what reading and listening look and sound like reading finger following along, eyes in book or on teacher, ears listening Then next day, we read the story as a class.

This time, we were ready to work on a graphic organizer for our read aloud. After reading a story, we worked together to identify the characters and the setting of the story.

Then, it was time to ID the problem and solution presented. I passed out blue and yellow stickies and the students went back to the text to find the problem our character David had in the beginning of the story. Problems on blue and solutions on yellow.

As they found their problem and solutions, they placed the sticky notes on our chart. I love that they make sure every student is accountable for their learning and that students are part of the process in creating reference material for our classroom. In writing, we had to share about our summer vacation fun!

Such a fun tale!

The kids LOVE deciding if the story he actual wrote for his teacher is true or not! Then we discussed what we had a chance to do over the summer.

Second Grade / Practice and Enrichment Activities

We used this cute little bird craft from Amy Lemons to publish our stories. Eventually, students will offer a suggestion on making the piece better 1 wish These brightly colored birds made a perfect display for our outside wall!

After reading the story, I have students think about how they got to school and how they are getting home. Then, each student gets a transportation cut out to represent their mode of transportation.

You can read all about that here!

math writing activities for second grade

This saves so much of my sanity at the end of the day! This is the week we also started our Math Interactive Student Notebooks. Once students were done, we shared one cool fact about ourselves in our table teams.First Grade Classroom First Grade Math Math Classroom Kindergarten Math Teaching: Math Grade 1 Teaching Ideas Maths Enrichment activities Second grade Spanish Class Creative Writing School Special Education Teachers Activities Primary School Home School Curriculum Classroom Management Mathematics Fourth Grade Math 1st Grade Math.

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Second Grade Math Concepts like addition and subtraction remain an important theme in second grade math, as do time and money.

Fractions, place value, and graphing are also fundamental second grade . These activities are appropriate for ages 6 to 9.

Browse to find the first or second grade math activities that work best for your child. Math at Home. 2nd Grade Writing Worksheets Learning how to express your thoughts in the written form and putting them forth in clear, crisp language is a detailed process that requires practice.

JumpStart’s 2nd grade writing worksheets will help kids perfect skills such as spelling, vocabulary, sentence formation etc.

By completing the activities in this set, your students will understand homework to recognize that a digit in one math represents ten times what it represents in the place to its ri. Reading and Writing Redhead.

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