Making democracy work student essay contest

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Making democracy work student essay contest

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When Bhutan set out on its democracy experiment inI must admit to a little skepticism. But then to my surprise the Bhutanese monarchy took the radical step of allowing, even insisting on the formation of actual political parties. To free-up the traditional feudal mindset of the Bhutanese public, the very popular king took the decision to abdicate and appointed his young son to the role of a low-profile constitutional monarch.

Shortly thereafter a number of independent parties sprang up in Bhutan, but through mergers and disqualifications, two parties finally remained to contest the elections: Bhutan has proven that it is a real democracy, and a vibrant and dynamic one as well.

Back home in Bhutan life went on as usual.

Making democracy work student essay contest

The royal family continued to maintain its dignified silence. So perhaps a comparison of the relative progress of our two political systems might be in order, if for nothing else than to try and guess which one appears to be more the creation of enlightened democrats and which one the work of superstitious barbarians lalo.

He was denounced, struggled, and beaten — possibly to death. But of course the real but unstated intention was to instigate the more fanatical and uneducated elements members of exile public to take matters into into their own hand, which in the past has resulted in a number of mob attacks and public humiliation of establishment critics.

Even the murder of one. Far from eliciting the sympathy of the Indian public this interview only invited ridicule.

Making democracy work student essay contest

The comments from Indian readers were uniformly contemptuous. Keep up the good work. Continue mixing your politics with ancient religion so your people back home continue dying.

Another MP Chungdak Koren, who could not attend this parliamentary session asked a colleague to read her questions and opinions to the Parliament. Chundak la also posted them on her own blog. These people might have constructive suggestions and their inputs could be of great value.

A few other MPs, I am informed, did not join the thamzing denunciations. Unlike the old days when the establishment could whip up large mobs of hundred or so thugs and fanatics to beat up and intimidate critics this time around the Parliament only managed to round up a small rent-a-crowd of old polas and molas who shuffled around Gangchen Kyishong carrying identical signs, almost certainly printed of a wide-format printer from a CTA office.

Even the efforts made to spread the campaign throughout Tibetan communities worldwide does not seem to have met with much success. Another phone call accused the Sherpa Association of renting its hall to Shugden worshippers. Threats of a public demonstration and disruption of the lecture were made, but on the actual morning of the talk no protester showed up.

Inside the auditorium there was standing room only. TNC volunteers also streamed the talk on Livestream and have received, up to now, over sixteen thousand five hundred viewers from all over the world, even from Tibet and China.

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The opinion piece by the deputy editor, Choenyi Woser, was also translated in English and appeared in the Tibet Sun. Another article in English, I Solemnly Swear by the Flag of Tibet by Tenpa Gashi, not only ridiculed the antics of our legislators with biting wit and satire, but also offered a well thought-out solution to this problem.

Tenpa la is the son of the late Gashi Tsering Dorje, a leading political commentator from the 70s and 80s and a friend of mine. So perhaps all is not lost for Tibetan democracy, though it does appear to be touch and go right now.Choices for Children Why and How to Let Students Decide.

By Alfie Kohn. The essence of the demand for freedom is the need of conditions which will enable an individual to make his own special contribution to a group interest, and to partake of its activities in such ways that social guidance shall be a matter of his own mental attitude, and not a mere authoritative dictation of his acts.

Making Democracy Work Student Essay Contest.

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An essay based on his speech can be found on pp. 5–10 of this issue. The Assembly concluded with the John B. Hurford Memorial Dinner. At the dinner, sponsored by the Hurford Foundation, the World Movement’s Democracy Courage Tributes were presented to the human-rights movement in Syria, the student movement in Venezuela, the women’s.

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Trinity College was pleased to launch the Robert Walker Prize for Essays in Law in The prize is named after an Honorary Fellow of the College, Lord Walker of Gestingthorpe, a retired Justice of the Supreme Court and former law student at Trinity.

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