Lord of the flies essays on the conch

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Lord of the flies essays on the conch

The conch in lord of the flies essay

Scatted throughout the island confused and without any adult supervision, the boys are put in the ultimate predicament. The conch shell found by two boys soon turns into a symbol of order and civilization that will effect how the boys try to survive on the island.

Throughout the book, Golding gives the reader many hints to how the conch is a symbol of civilization and order. This warning towards Ralph can somewhat foreshadow what is to come later on in the book.

With the first hint that the conch may be important in the story, another one follows. Considering the idea, Ralph begins to blow into the shell in hopes of gathering any other survivors.

Fortunately for the boys, their method worked as figures of life start to appear around them. Boys began to gather as a group around the conch almost as if it were a centerpiece. This can be described as a second example of how the conch is an symbol of civilization and order for the boys.

After bringing the boys together as a whole, the conch also serves a purpose when the boys meet. The boys find it hard to keep everyone quiet and things in order so they look to the conch for an answer. The conch instantly turns into one of the most influential and important thing to the boys.

Lord of the flies conch shell essay

It is used to bring the boys together and control their meetings, giving it the ultimate power. This is again is an example of how the shell symbolizes civilization and order.

In the beginning, the conch has the upper hand on whatever the boys do. This savage side of the boys is shown when they throw rocks at Ralph when he tries to blow into the conch and call them to order.

The boys civilization heads for a downfall after this event. Groups begin to form as well as rivalries amongst the boys, splitting them apart from each other on the island. Just as Piggy described the conch earlier in the book as being fragile, so was the boys civilization as proven by what happened at this point in the story.

Lord of the flies essays on the conch

A final instance of how the conch represents a civilization can be seen near the end of the book. At this point, the conch has lost all hopes of having any type of order among the boys. They have all split apart and most of them only see the conch as an object rather than a power holder.

When they arrive a big confrontation occurs between the two groups. This symbolizes the ultimate downfall a civilization can experience. Savagery has overcome most of the boys pulling them further and further away from any type of order.

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The last straw is drawn when this tragic event happens. All hope for any type of civilization or order amongst the boys has been destroyed.

This again corresponds with how Piggy describes the conch at the beginning of the story as being fragile, just like the boys civilization on the island. From the beginning of the book, Golding has given many clues to how the conch will be an important symbol to the boys.

Lord of the flies essays on the conch

The conch once had the power to summon all the boys together and govern their meetings. It became a very powerful object to the boys, but not for long. With one instance of the conch having no power, it began to go downhill from there.The conch is an important symbol in Lord of the Flies and is used and talked about many times throughout the novel.

One important quote about the conch, and how it seems to grant power and. Nov 25,  · Lord of the flies conch symbolism essay the scarlet. 4 stars based on reviews iridis-photo-restoration.com Essay.

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In the novel Lord Of The Flies, by William Golding, two symbols are brought to life by human nature. Both symbols, the conch shell and the dead sow's head, represent two different ideas of survival when stranded on the island.

Symbolism in Lord of the Flies by William Golding