Knights templar essay

There is, in fact, a long and fascinating history of Jewish infiltration of the Roman Catholic Church which has been nonetheless, and by clever design, perceived as a Gentile institution.

Knights templar essay

Overview[ edit ] Ideology regarding the Aryan race in the sense of Indo-Europeansthough with Knights templar essay peoples being viewed as their purest representativesrunic symbols, the swastikaand sometimes occultism are important elements in Ariosophy.

From aroundesoteric notions entered Guido List's thoughts by at the latest. These Ariosophic ideas together with, and influenced by, Theosophy contributed significantly to an occult counterculture in Germany and Austria.

A historic interest in this topic has stemmed from the ideological relation of Ariosophy to Nazismand is obvious in such book titles as: For the debate on the direct relations to Nazi ideology see Religious aspects of Nazism.

In a less broad approach one could also treat rune occultism separately. Goodrick-Clarke therefore refers to the doctrine of Kummer and Gorsleben and his followers as rune occultism, a description which also fits the eclectic work of Karl Spiesberger. Also worthy of mention are Peryt Shouthe occult novelist; A.

Armanism[ edit ] Guido von List in from the book Guido v.

Knights Templar Informational Speech Essay Knights Templar Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about The Knights Templar Central Idea: The Templar Knights have a vast history that is not only steeped in legend, but contains ideas that still impact us today. Buried is a clunky, unfinished series that relies heavily on the audience’s presumed familiarity with the Templars. Its four-hour runtime contains about an hour of content, if I am being generous. The Knights Templar This essay The Knights Templar is available for you on Essayscom! Search Term Papers, College Essay Examples and Free Essays on Essayscom - full papers database.

Der Wiederentdecker Uralter Arischer Weisheit by Johannes Balzlipublished in Guido von List elaborated a racial religion premised on the concept of renouncing the imposed foreign creed of Christianity and returning to Knights templar essay pagan religions of the ancient Indo-Europeans List preferred the equivalent term Ario-Germanen, or 'Aryo-Germanics'.

List recognised the theoretical distinction between the Proto-Indo-European language and its daughter Proto-Germanic language but frequently obscured it by his tendency to treat them as a single long-lived entity although this framing is also used in linguistics as the Germanic parent language.

Before he turned to occultism, Guido List had written articles for German Nationalist newspapers in Austria, as well as four historical novels and three plays, some of which were "set in tribal Germany" before the advent of Christianity. List adopted the aristocratic von between and List called his doctrine Armanism after the Armanen, supposedly a body of priest-kings in the ancient Aryo-Germanic nation.

He claimed that this German name had been Latinized into the tribal name Herminones mentioned in Tacitus and that it actually meant the heirs of the sun-king: Religious instruction was imparted on two levels.

The esoteric doctrine Armanism was concerned with the secret mysteries of the gnosisreserved for the initiated elite, while the exoteric doctrine Wotanism took the form of popular myths intended for the lower social classes.

He also believed in the magical powers of the old runes.

Knights templar essay

From onwards he claimed that heraldry was based on a system of encoded runes, so that heraldic devices conveyed a secret heritage in cryptic form. In Aprilhe submitted an article concerning the alleged Aryan proto-language to the Imperial Academy of Sciences in Vienna.

Its highlight was a mystical and occult interpretation of the runic alphabet, which became the cornerstone of his ideology. Although the article was rejected by the academy, it would later be expanded by List and grew into his final masterpiece, a comprehensive treatment of his linguistic and historical theories published in as Die Ursprache der Ario-Germanen und ihre Mysteriensprache The Proto-Language of the Aryo-Germanics and their Mystery Language.

Wotanism teaches that God dwells within the individual human spirit as an inner source of magical power, but is also immanent within nature through the primal laws which govern the cycles of growth, decay and renewal.

List explicitly rejects a Mind-body dualism of spirit versus matter or of God over or against nature.

Humanity is therefore one with the universe, which entails an obligation to live in accordance with nature.

But the individual human ego does not seek to merge with the cosmos. List foresaw the eventual consequences of this in a future utopia on earth, which he identified with the promised Valhallaa world of victorious heroes: Thus in the course of uncounted generations all men will become Einherjarand that state — willed and preordained by the godhead — of general liberty, equality, and fraternity will be reached.

This is that state which sociologists long for and which socialists want to bring about by false means, for they are not able to comprehend the esoteric concept that lies hidden in the triad: He had already made use of cosmic rhythms in his early journalism on natural landscapes.

However, in the original Norse myths and Hinduismthe cycle of destruction and creation is repeated indefinitely, thus offering no possibility of ultimate salvation Goodrick-Clarke The List Society was supported by many leading figures in Austrian and German politics, publishing, and occultism.

Founded in midsummerit was set up as a magical order or lodge to support List's deeper and more practical work. They also had occasional meetings between andbut the exact nature of these remains unknown.

After the Nazis had come to power, several advocates of Armanism fell victim to the suppression of esotericism in Nazi Germany. The main reason for the persecution of occultists was the Nazi policy of systematically closing down esoteric organisations although Germanic paganism was still practised by some Nazis on an individual basisbut the instigator in certain cases[ citation needed ] was Himmler's personal occultist, Karl Maria Wiligut.Updated September JUMP TO: Terms & Glossaries / Timelines / Maps / Feudalism - Daily Life - Carolingian Empire/Charlemagne.

The Crusades - Heraldry - Chivalry - Knighthood / War, Warfare & Weaponry. Important People / Law / Science & Technology /. Castles / Medieval Women / Religion & The Church. The Black Death (Plague). Moreover, thou son of man, take thee one stick, and write upon it for Judah, and for the children of Israel, his companions.

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Their. Knights Templar. The First Crusade signified the reunification of Christendom in Europe, pushing a united Christian force towards the capture and protection of pilgrim routes to Jerusalem, Holy Land/5(1). “There is, in my opinion, a very good reason for separating the three Craft or blue degrees from the Royal Arch ceremony; for the blue degrees take us through our experiences during our life on this earth and the Royal Arch then tries to initiate us into the Grand Mystery of the Life hereafter.

Knights Templar The image of the brave soldier wearing a white mantle and decorated with a red cross, slaying the wicked and providing for the poor, that we grew up with could not be further from reality.

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