Good story topics to write about for teens

When students journal regularly, they become more comfortable in expressing their ideas. Students who tend to follow the crowd will find their individuality on the page, as they have the freedom to write their thoughts without judgment. Journaling also helps students to think more deeply about subjects they might not have considered before. As new thoughts transition from ideas to beliefs, tweens take another step toward becoming adults.

Good story topics to write about for teens

Sometimes, having some inspiration or focus for teens before you assign a writing project can help them come up with a great story. Instead of turning students loose and just asking them to write a story, try to narrow the scope of the project to make it more accessible to them.

Family Ties Family themes are a good topic for teens to write about, because as the old adage goes, "write about what you know. Ask them not to write an autobiography, but instead to explore the themes they connect with through a fictional story.

Divorce, sibling relationships, conflict in the home, support from a parent and family togetherness are themes many teens can identify with from personal experience, but ultimately the student should choose any familial theme they are comfortable writing about.

Road Trip or Time Travel Many teens have gone on family vacations with their parents.

Story Starters: Creative Writing Prompts for Kids |

Those who haven't have dreamed of going somewhere, even if they haven't made it yet. Have teens write a story that takes place in a location they have either visited or are interested in visiting someday. This can be a great way to demonstrate the research that often goes on in creative writing.

Have the students conduct in-depth research on the location their stories will be based in before they start writing. Go To the Movies Sometimes, there are teens with absolutely no interest in creative writing, and it can be hard to get them motivated.

However, there are many students who have no interest in reading or writing, but love watching movies and television.

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You could ask them to write a story as a short film script instead of in prose. This can be a great exercise in writing dialogue and story structure, and can motivate those who would not be interested in writing otherwise.

good story topics to write about for teens

Tag-Team Writing Writing with a partner can be an exercise that helps teens think creatively, as well as promoting teamwork and cooperation. Pair off the students. Have one student write two paragraphs of a story, and then pass the paper to the other student and have them write two paragraphs.

Continue this process until the story is done.

good story topics to write about for teens

You can allow the students to do this while free writing, or you can ask them to come up with an outline for the story before they start.

Character Studies Sometimes it is easier to come up with a character than it is a story. Have students write a character biography for someone they think would be an interesting character to read about.

Work on this exercise in great depth, and ask them to do everything from coming up with the characters' family background to their current circumstances.Creative writing prompts for teens Invite your students to choose one of these creative writing prompts for teens.

Options include describing a personal experience as if it were a movie, developing fun poems or stories, writing about their first name, creating a story using only one-syllable words, or . Oct 05,  · 36 Plot Ideas for your Novel Jill Williamson is a chocolate loving, daydreaming, creator of kingdoms.

She writes weird books for teens in lots of weird genres like, fantasy (Blood of Kings trilogy), science fiction (Replication), and dystopian (The Safe Lands trilogy).Author: Go Teen Writers. Top Short Story Ideas. Good writing is rewriting. Use your second draft to fill in the plot holes and cut out the extraneous scenes and characters you discovered when you read the first draft in step #2.

Then, polish up your final draft on the next round of edits. How do you write an argumentative essay? | Creative Writing Ideas: Exciting Story Writing Ideas for Early Teen Books (13 to 14 years) Write about challenges these readers can identify with, such as adolescent issues and relationship problems with family and friends.

Use these 10 short story ideas to write your first 10 stories, one per week. I promise you're life will look totally different if you do.

Beautiful tips and topics to begin for a hesitant writer like me. Believe it or not, I would love to read your barista love story. Kat. Also, dreams are .

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