Business plan superette pdf reader

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Business plan superette pdf reader

Since this matter was business plan superette pdf reader forward to the community at-large, we would like to clarify some details. The proposed tower is not "just" a cell phone tower - it will also offer broadband internet, as well as FirstNet equipment special technology for first responders.

The tower is a part of Connect America Fund, which designates federal dollars to bring technology to rural areas. Below is a letter that we sent to the HOA this week, addressing some of the concerns that have been raised by some in the Membership.

We hope that it will give you more details and insight into our proposal. Please let me know if you have any questions, or need additional details. We are happy to help. We wanted to check in with you all to share some additional information, as we have not communicated to the Membership at-large since our initial letter on the project.

Our proposed site is a part of an Obama administration program called Connect America Fund, which is focused on increasing services to underserved rural areas, and designates federal funds to establish new services.

Mendocino County is one of these underserved regions, with coverage and internet speeds that fail to meet federal public utilities guidelines, as a recent report by the Haas Institute at UC Berkeley outlined in this article.

Sean has spent his entire career in software and technology, helping state and local government with emergency preparedness and response across all 50 states.

We apply research, logic, and reason to just about every aspect of our lives, and assessing this tower was no exception. Having noticed the Valley's lack of services and options, particularly running two virtual businesses from our home, we responded. We spent many months considering different issues internally before we made our decision to proceed.

To date, the Membership has not raised any unexpected issue, or something that we had not already considered. So, we thank you for these ongoing discussions, as they are important! As stated in our initial letter to the Membership, we see our proposal as a way to contribute to the safety infrastructure of our Valley, for residents and tourists alike.

A few points have been raised that we'd like to address, and we will do our best to keep our comments concise. Further, something that does not yet exist cannot be considered a nuisance. It is worth emphasizing in writing that the proposed tower is not only housing optional services like voice and data.

It will be housing important FirstNet Radio equipment. Understand that Radio Frequency does not travel downhill in waves that blanket the landscape. It is simply untrue. RF is also easily interrupted by trees, hills, and buildings. These are some of the reasons that towers located at higher elevations closer to the horizon are desired.

When a cell phone makes a call, its transmitting signal travels directly up to meet with the receiving signal in the atmosphere. It is 5 times more restrictive than occupational limits. The proposed tower was assessed by a third party compliance firm called Waterford. They found that the proposed site's RF emissions on the ground at the antenna site will be 2.

This is significantly below federally-recognized safe limits for general population. Neighboring buildings in the immediate vicinity will be at 0. Fortunately, the proposed tower would be below even the European standards for RF exposure! To quote the final sentence: Articles and studies that focus on cell towers mounted on top of schools and fire departments such as the KPIX article sent around are not relevant to this situation.

Our proposed tower site is more than feet away — about 3 football fields — from the closest residence other than our own. Further, the closest residences to the site are separated by topography and vegetation.

If there were to be a property to see a decrease in property value, it would be ours. As part of our initial due diligence, we spoke to local realtors to gain more information on their perspectives.

They were unanimous about the fact that people moving to the Valley desire quality service options. One of the realtors herself installed a cell phone tower on her own property to help meet the demand for services.

In their eyes, due to extremely limited inventory in this Valley, properties are continually in demand.Apr 28,  · How to Start a Convenience Store. Starting a convenience store, just like starting any other business, takes money, planning, and time.

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business plan superette pdf reader

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