An introduction to the history of the video game industry

These segments include movies, TV shows, radio shows, news, music, newspapers, magazines, and books. The radio and television broadcasting industry is composed of two different types of companies.

An introduction to the history of the video game industry

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Over the next few years, the primitive Odyssey console would commercially fizzle and die out. InAtari released a home version of Pong, which was as successful as its arcade counterpart. Magnavox, along with Sanders Associates, would eventually sue Atari for copyright infringement. InAtari released the Atari also known as the Video Computer Systema home console that featured joysticks and interchangeable game cartridges that played multi-colored games, effectively kicking off the second generation of the video game consoles.

The video game industry had a few notable milestones in the late s and early s, including: Lasting a couple of years, the crash led to the bankruptcy of several home computer and video game console companies. The NES had improved 8-bit graphics, colors, sound and gameplay over previous consoles.

Nintendo, a Japanese company that began as a playing card manufacturer inreleased a number of important video game franchises still around today, such as Super Mario Bros. Additionally, Nintendo imposed various regulations on third-party games developed for its system, helping to combat rushed, low-quality software.

InNintendo made waves again by popularizing handheld gaming with the release of its 8-bit Game Boy video game device and the often-bundled game Tetris. With its technological superiority to the NES, clever marketing, and the release of the Sonic the Hedgehog game, the Genesis made significant headway against its older rival.

In response to the violent game as well as congressional hearings about violent video gamesSega created the Videogame Rating Council in to provide descriptive labeling for every game sold on a Sega home console.

An Introduction to the Industry

The council later gives rise to the industry-wide Entertainment Software Rating Board, which is still used today to rate video games based on content.

Numerous movies based on video games have been released since. With a much larger library of games, lower price point, and successful marketing, the Genesis had leapfrogged ahead of the SNES in North America by this time.

But Sega was unable to find similar success in Japan. The Rise of 3D Gaming With a leap in computer technology, the fifth generation of video games ushered in the three-dimensional era of gaming. InSega released in North America its Saturn system, the first bit console that played games on CDs rather than cartridges, five months ahead of schedule.

The following year, Nintendo released its cartridge-based bit system, the Nintendo Sony dominated the video game market and would continue to do so into the next generation.

In fact, the Playstation 2, released in and able to play original Playstation games, would become the best-selling game console of all time. Sega pulled the plug on the system inbecoming a third-party software company henceforth.

Though the Playstation 3—the only system at the time to play Blu-rays—was successful in its own right, Sony, for the first time, faced stiff competition from its rivals. The Xboxwhich had similar graphics capabilities to the Playstation 3, was lauded for its online gaming ecosystem and won far more Game Critics Awards than the other platforms in ; it also featured the Microsoft Kinect, a state-of-the-art motion capture system that offered a different way to play video games though the Kinect never caught on with core gamers or game developers.

And despite being technologically inferior to the other two systems, the Wii trounced its competition in sales. Its motion-sensitive remotes made gaming more active than ever before, helping it appeal to a much larger slice of the general public, including people in retirement homes.

Towards the end of the decade and beginning of the next, video games spread to social media platforms like Facebook and mobile devices like the iPhone, reaching a more casual gaming audience.

The next few years would see several sequels and other toy-video game hybrids, such as Disney Infinity, which features Disney characters. Despite featuring a touch screen remote control that allowed off-TV gaming and being able to play Wii games, the Wii U was a commercial failure—the opposite of its competition—and was discontinued in InSony released a more powerful version of its console, called the Playstation 4 Pro, the first console capable of 4K video output.

In earlyNintendo released its Wii U successor, the Nintendo Switch, the only system to allow both television-based and handheld gaming.

An introduction to the history of the video game industry

Microsoft will release its 4K-ready console, the Xbox One X, in late With their new revamped consoles, both Sony and Microsoft currently have their sights set on virtual reality gaming, a technology that has the potential to change the way players experience video games.

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Sega and Nintendo Console War: The History Of Gaming:She is the author of Game Sound: An Introduction to the History, Theory, and Practice of Video Game Music and Sound Design (MIT Press).

Endorsements Collins has written a truly encyclopedic work that wonderfully complements books on sound design in film, helping anyone in the audiovisual industry who desires to expand more confidently into. In Game Sound, Karen Collins draws on a range of sources―including composers, sound designers, voice-over actors and other industry professionals, Internet articles, fan sites, industry conferences, magazines, patent documents, and, of course, the games themselves―to offer a broad overview of the history, theory, and production practice /5(5).

History of Video Game Industry Video game industry is a relatively new field of business. Although video games itself was invented around mids, it took two decades until it . Video game and computer journalism also saw a large rise during the late 70s and early 80s.

But, as the old saying goes: history repeats itself. The video game industry would prove to be no exception. PC game cheat codes.

An introduction to the history of the video game industry

Kennesaw State University an introduction to the history of the video game industry offers undergraduate.

Postcards. Dec 31,  · Video Games explores the industry's diversity and breadth through its online communities and changing demographics, branding and intellectual property, and handheld and mobile culture.

Bossom and Dunning offer insights into the creative processes involved in making games, th A highly visual, example-led introduction to the video game industry, its context and practitioners/5.

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