Americanah how to write a novel

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Americanah how to write a novel

It is the one consistency kept through out the book. Obinze and Ifemelu are somewhat star-crossed lovers. They barely interact, but when their narratives are placed next to each, they reveal transcendent ideas about society and the lives we live.

Both are immigrants that eventually go back to their homeland. Throughout the course of their lives they obtain and lose several jobs, relationships, mental states, all of which are both relatable and reflective.

This book is a broad social commentary and as expected, shows some of the dark sides of our world. Although many of the ideas and events presented can be controversial, this book has helped me think about topics, especially race, in a new light. She also has uncovered many experiences that black people in America face, which is something that I could never experience for myself.

Even the fact that it shares the black perspective in such a transparent and blunt way is something that many of us need.

Americanah Summary & Study Guide

We need to stop tolerating others who are different and start trying to truly connect and relate to them to cure the plague of discrimination. But one thing was clear from the start: Ngozi Adichie can write. Ever page is extremely well written. Especially the blog posts that she scattered throughout the novel.

These blog posts to me are what her writing unique. It provided for a diversified narrative. It gives the author the ability to tell a first hand narrative and then let that narrator speak directly to the audience to explicitly get points across. It creates a depth of discussion where Adichie can state compelling arguments plainly.

At the same time, she can subtly review other over arching themes and ideas through literary devises such as mood, language, plot sequence, and setting. One of the weak points of the novel was the characters.

There was little to no character development. It was as if the character were static with bursts of change. Also, most of the supporting character we very one-dimensional.

It was as if they all were predictable symbols rather than people who have more than one face.

americanah how to write a novel

The ending to the book also fell short. It was if the novel was a series of attacks on our current discriminatory culture portrayed as idle proposed notions, but the end felt like a new book. It was similar to a boxing fight when the victor is too exhausted to finished with a decisive blow.

Despite all of that, the novel for me had more pros than cons. Besides the excellent rhetoric, the ideas present in the book were nothing short of compelling. The book tells the story of a new type of Africa. The one that has pride and dignity. The main characters were black immigrants that choose to make the better life for themselves.

It was a story most Americans can relate to. Immigration in their case is similar to going to a good college or moving to a town with opportunity.

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Viewing our world from an outsider may be the only way to see old trends from a new perspective. It washes away the justifications we have made for centuries and replacing them with a different and updated explanation.

Americanah is something everyone should read because it brings us one step closer to understanding and open discussion of the perception of differences. Compelling by KZ This novel, so beautifully written, was enlightening, courageous and thought-provoking.

Thank you for taking the time to effortlessly describe the true and actual human emotions of culture and time. I applaud your candid, vivid picture of American and Nigerian life. Please tell me more! Americanah by Holla2chaz Great story-telling.Whether you’re studying for an exam, writing a paper, preparing for class, want to bring your book group to the next level, or just want to quickly deepen your understanding of the book, the LitCharts Literature Guide for Americanah has you covered.

“Americanah” is witheringly trenchant and hugely empathetic, both worldly and geographically precise, a novel that holds the discomfiting realities of our times fearlessly before us.

It never feels false. “Americanah is a courageous, world-class novel about independence, integrity, community, and love and what it takes to become a ‘full human being.’” Booklist (starred review) “A sensitive portrayal of distant love, broken affinities, and culture clash by Nigerian novelist Adichie A fine adult love story with locations both exotic.

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Write a formal, page critical essay (approx words) that describes, explains, and critically engages with the Nigerian “America” you have discovered.

Americanah, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, is the story of young lovers Ifemelu and Obinze who meet as teenagers growing up in Nigeria. They form an instant bond, but when Ifemelu moves to America, Obinze is unable to go with her.

Americanah ha sido galardonada con el National Book Critics Circle Award y seleccionada por los ciudadanos de Nueva York como el libro ganador de la campaña «One Book, One New York» -Edición especial limitada con prólogo de Elvira Lindo-.

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